In Spite of Myself

You don’t have to look far for the evidence of His presence. His gentle touch may be felt in the warm breeze that quickly glides across your cheek. His smile can be seen in the radiance of the sun as it kisses the sky on a hot summer day.  His laughter may be heard in the restless waves that playfully dance with the shoreline. How great is our God! And as I sit here beneath this majestic tree -- a tree crafted to perfection by His mighty hands -- I am in total awe of Him. How can it be that One so mighty, so powerful, so great, can care so deeply for one like me? I am flawed in many ways and have failed many times. But He loves me….still. In spite of myself, He loves me.

In spite of myself.

The realization of that fact alone renders me speechless and causes my eyes to give way to the tears that crowd them. They are tears, yes, but good tears - cleansing tears. The kind that gently remind me that I have a friend in Jesus and there’s nothing I can do about it. The kind of tears that reassure me everything will be alright because I serve a God who’s in total control. Tears that proclaim that, because I am His, I am where He wants me to be at this moment in time and all I have to do is trust Him. The tears, free-flowing and plenty, are good for me...and your tears are good for you, too.

We sometimes need them - these tears. We need to be reminded, from time to time, that God’s love for us never fails, even when we do. Every once in awhile, we unwittingly allow doubt and uncertainty to stealthily creep in and rob us of that which is rightfully ours -- that perfect peace He promised if we keep our minds on Him. He will grant that peace just as He said He would; He’s faithful that way, even when we are not. But, we must keep our minds stayed on Him.

That’s it. Keep your mind stayed on Him. Focus on His goodness, His mercy, His grace, and His undying love for you. Whenever you are tempted to doubt who you are, remember Whose you are. You are the child of the Almighty God and that is a really big deal! Regardless of what you may be going through right now, call upon our God in prayer and believe; He will answer according to His perfect will and He will grant you peace if you keep your focus on Him. He loves you, in spite of yourself. And I’m so thankful that He loves me, too….in spite of myself.

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