Opening up Home and Heart on a Weary Day

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

It had been a busy few months, complete with training sessions, meetings, and thousands of air miles. Conference calls with coworkers in different time zones punctuated my solidly booked schedule, and I struggled to keep it all together. But this day was to be different. In sharp contrast to the countless task-filled days before it, this particular Saturday promised to hold twenty-four hours of no obligations and no stress. My husband was making repairs to the house we were selling a few blocks away. Our teenagers were visiting friends in a neighboring city. In the house that morning, it was just me and the Lord.

I rose from my bed and was greeted by the aroma of the jasmine-scented candle I had lit the night before. You can always tell when you have quality wax — the smell lingers long after the flame burns out.

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