The Stranger I Knew So Well

The woman sitting in the airport that night was completely unassuming and nondescript; there was nothing about her that stood out or promoted itself in any way. In fact, I scarcely noticed her as I carefully arranged my small bags on the floor and took my seat beside her. The airport was crowded and I was exhausted after the first leg of a long flight from Hawaii to Dallas. My husband and I had traveled to the beautiful island a week earlier to celebrate our wedding anniversary. While I was completely worn from nearly half a day in the air, my mind was still replaying images of the breathtaking scenery we left in Hawaii and the wonderful time we had.

As we sat at the gate waiting for our connecting flight, I took note, as is my usual habit, of the many people moving about the expansive airport. I am, and have always been, a people-watcher. I pay attention to facial expressions, mannerisms, body language, and often wonder to myself, Where is he going? or What is her story? Everyone, I learned that day, has a story.

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